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Author Topic: How local ports reduced pollution but lost trust among truck drivers  (Read 426 times)


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"And wasn�t just Johring. KPCC spoke with 10 trucking companies and 2 used truck dealers, and all but one of them had negative experiences with their LNGs. One just uses her LNGs to haul empty containers because of how underpowered they are. Another says he doesn�t drive the trucks outside of Los Angeles because of their unreliability. A third said he spent so much money towing his LNGs to the shop that he bought his own tow truck."

"On the day KPCC visited the auction in December, two LNGs sold for $19,000 each � just 12 percent of what they were worth five years ago. And four of the seven on offer never made it to the auction block, either because they wouldn't start or because of other problems."

That's just depressing. I was laughing because the thought of unable to sell a truck because it ran out of fuel and/or because of technical problems was abnormal to hear. What's the point of going to auction if you can't buy a truck that can't start lest alone be able to haul containers?

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