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Danish People Movers
« on: December 09, 2013, 03:52:42 PM »
Here are a few buses and coaches that I caught on my trip down to Denmark this spring.

VDL Bova coach for Centrum Turist.

Smaller and slightly older VDL Bova for PP Busser.

Kässbohrer Setra for Olesens Busser.

Older Finnish built coach for Randers Turistbus.

Mid engined Volvo, possibly a B10M or B12M, with Danish built Aabenraa bodywork, for Midttrafik.

Danish built Scania for X Bus Airport Express.

Long MAN low floor for Midttrafikk.

Another Midttrafikk bus, this one a Polish built Solaris.

Kässbohrer Setra for Sørens Rejser.

Sharp Kässbohrer Setra S431DT double decker coach for Københavns Bustrafik.

Neat new Jonckheere for Holger Danske Bustrafik.

Sharp Irizar Scania for X Bus/Herning Turist.

Finally, five similar Volvos with Aabenraa/Säffle bodywork with markings for Arriva/NT, but without plates. I suspect these may have been bought by some foreign company that are about to drive them home.

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