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« on: June 14, 2013, 07:32:38 PM »
I figure I'll get the ball rolling with a selection of Isuzu products from my collection.

Placer County CA 8500 Bookmobile at Alta CA March 2013

Service Master Crew Cab at Mustang NV May 2009

Allied Systems VN with a Septem of Isuzi stacked on a Lowboy at Mustang NV Feb 2012.

A Badge Engineered Bowtie Doppelgänger upfitted with a cage to haul inflatable rafts for a river tour operator. Tahoe City CA,  July 2011

Another "Chevy" working for Have Lights Will Travel a commercial electrical contractor that maintains area lighting in the region. One of the rare cases in truck photography where flipping my camera over to portrait works better.  Truckee CA March 2011

The Local Catering Company Men Wielding Fire with a Van and Smoker Trailer in the Truckee River Canyon near Floriston CA Jan 2011

Company Site:

Short Wheelbase Bonanza Produce I caught on the McCarran loop April 2010

Ceva Ground at Floriston CA May 2009.

Power Line at the Odwalla Barn in Sparks NV Feb 2008.

Krispy Kreme Van at the Ryder Lot in Sparks NV. Jan 2008.

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