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Author Topic: My Friend Is Back!  (Read 1034 times)


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My Friend Is Back!
« on: May 18, 2013, 04:41:32 PM »
About three years ago, I got out of my dump truck and into a belly dump train at about the same time they hired my good friend Andy. He ran with me a lot, we got put on the same haul most of the time and then he had to go drive a flatbed over-the-road one winter to keep the money coming in. Well, he got into #20, the truck I got into when I was old enough to go over-the-road. After a bit, he went to go work in the oilfields all over Vernal, UT, Wyoming, and North Dakota for a couple different companies. Well, now it was time for him to come back home and find something stable, plus belly dumping work has really picked up in the last year, so he's back to Francis and in the same old Barney truck he drove back then! We've been running together a lot in the last two weeks, makes the days pass faster. :)

Had to figure something different out to get the automated truck wash to spray acid on my pup, it kept shutting off after my main trailer had passed, so it was shiny and white, my pup was not. Haha, this method worked! Both trailers match now.

This is our newest finished glider kit (still building one). It has a C-15 and eighteen speed. Those seven inch pipes are straights...it's LOUD and I LOVE it! I'd try to get into it if it didn't have a wetkit for pulling sidedumps. I'm not interested in losing my Silver Bullets. I got to test drive it bobtail though, the jakes sound AMAZING.

Andy took this shot of me, I didn't know my mudflaps flapped up that high! Haha, might need to correct that soon.

I've seen this guy around a lot, but can never get a shot. Andy took this shot for me though, notice Andy also has "rookie sticks", one of the other drivers told us we need to get jackets that say "Sticks and Stones - Sticks Up Front, Stones In The Back", haha.

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My Friend Is Back!
« on: May 18, 2013, 04:41:32 PM »

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