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--- Quote from: Chris_E on November 28, 2009, 07:42:17 PM ---Too bad it's an arm and a leg. :-(

--- End quote ---

Several arms and legs, actually. :roll: What people are willing to pay for something like this never ceases to amaze me, even though I know they're next to impossible to find. Don't get me wrong, I'd add it to my collection in a heartbeat, but not at this price.


The DAFman:
Hello guys,

Those "prices" for "just" a model is in my eyes only "USURY" and NOTHING ELSE!!!!!
I "KNOW" they are "rare", but you can't "tell" me that those models are that price "worth"!!!!!
That one is now by about �320,-!!!!!
That is "more" money than many people "earn" in a week, even for people in Germany who "lives" from "social money"  more than the whole month!!!!!
We have the same with "TEKNO-models" in Holland!!!!!
They have fantastic models in their collection (1/50-scale) but "paying" �599,- (almost US$900,-!!!!!)for "just" one modell is IMO a big way out of normal "relations"!!!!!
I "know" I am crazy (in a special kind of way) with my big collection, but my "limit/pain-limit" is maximum �250,- for just "one" model!!!!!
I bought 6 fantastic old and "rare version's/livery's" from Lion-toys (1/50-scale), all "DAF'S", for that price last friday!!!!!
I really "love" my models, but even I "have" a "limit"!!!!!
They are "just" models and you can't "live" from them and you wouldn't "die" either by "not having" them!!!!!
Greetings from Germany,

The DAFman, Leo

I'm pretty cheap when it comes to my models right now so these won't be making it on to my dresser anytime soon. :lol:

I saw an ABF a few year's back for 300.00 or so and I said that was too much, and now 500.00. I'm a collecter Ive got about 70 diecast's but I won't be adding that ABF. LOL

If i'm reading this stuff right it's $500 for a tractor (International) that ABF never had in their fleet AFAIK?  :?  Wait a few more months & you should be able to pick up a real Mack CH for a few bucks more on Truck Trader. :lol:


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