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Truck Pictures / Trip to Cape Breton-Milbridge, Maine 2017
« Last post by L.Dugas on Today at 11:35:03 AM »
Last went went to Neil's Harbour and to Milbridge, Maine from there. Didn't take many pics due to weather and wasn't all that much around with it being on a weekend. Here are some from the trip. Hope you enjoy.

Twin Mountain Construction

TJ's Express

Classic Freight


Household Movers and Shippers

Couldn't quite make out the name on this one.

First time I see one of the new Cascadias. I have no words.





David Brown Transport

Irving Oil


Shaw Resources



B. Reynolds Trucking

Some Unknowns

Anything Trucking Related / Re: Early Quebec LCV's?
« Last post by R. Buron on Today at 10:51:52 AM »
Anything Trucking Related / Re: Early Quebec LCV's?
« Last post by R. Buron on Today at 10:44:55 AM »
I added pictures about those small eastern Quebec regional carriers for people who are less familiar with Québec carriers of
those days.

It's the kind of subject where the huge knowledge of Gérard Laplante about the Québec carriers would have been greatly useful
Truck Pictures / Re: Mooby's Randoms (Updated 6-24-17)
« Last post by mooby346 on Today at 10:03:55 AM »
Next up:

We start with a nice Coronado for an O/O out of Woodbridge:                                                                                     W900 for another O/O out of Prince William County:

Couple Coronados for Young Trucking, a small operation that parks their rigs in Prince William County:                          Group shot of some heavy haulers for S.W. Rodgers of Manassas, VA:

Pete 378 for Merrifield Garden Center, which operates out of multiple locations in NoVa. This one was seen at their Manassas location:                      Merrifield Garden Center Volvo:

Merrifield Garden Center Pete 389:                                                                                                                                        Western Star for a small outfit out of Manassas:

W900 for United agent Kloke Group:                                                                                                                            Local junk car hauler Autocar:

Sharp W900 for American Van Lines out of Elk Grove Village, IL:                                                                                  Heavy haul Cascadia for Virginia Paving out of Dulles, VA:

Sharp IH Eagle for The Wes Stewart Corp. out of Midlothian, VA:                                                                               W900 for Redman Fleet Services out of Lorton, VA:

Big bunk Pete 386 for Atlas agent WM Duggan Co. out of Walpole, MA:                                                                         And another W900 for Carlyle Van Lines:
Truck Pictures / Re: Mooby's Randoms (Updated 6-24-17)
« Last post by charlie on Today at 10:03:43 AM »
The Tralo KW is sharp.  8) I've yet to see one of their trucks on the east coast.
Truck Pictures / Re: Mooby's Randoms (Updated 6-17-17)
« Last post by mooby346 on Today at 09:49:12 AM »
Here's my next set:

We start with a crappy shot of a beautiful W900 for Tralo Companies out of Owatonna, MN:                                      Next we have a W900 from a small town in mid-VA hauling a popular rock crusher:

Big bunk Pete 579 for AVL:                                                                                                                                              FL M2-112 for United agent Hilldrup:

O/O W900 dump truck based out of Alexandria:                                                                                                  Cascadia for United agent Kloke Group, which operates out of Manassas and VA Beach:

Liebherr for Crane Rental Co. out of DC:                                                                                                                       W900 for Papai Transport out of West Bridgewater, MA:

W900 for Allied Van Lines:                                                                                                                                             Big bunk VNL 300 for Atlas agent Imlach Group:

Heavy haul W900 for Packard Truck Lines out of Belle Chasse, LA:                                                                                   Sharp 379 for local 2 truck outfit KIG Trucking of Woodbridge, VA:

FL M2-106 satellite truck for Encompass Digital Media out of Atlanta:                                                                            Formerly sharp T800 for an o/o out of Woodbridge:
CARRIER SPOTLIGHT / Re: Western Distributing - Denver, CO
« Last post by mooby346 on Today at 09:27:19 AM »
Here's a USAC 389 I caught at a hotel in Chantilly one day. Most of the Western rigs I see down here are USAC carriers.

Awesome, thanks for digging that up Jon. Yeah I hope it stays on the road, it's a rare setup for sure. I'm disappointed to hear about Waggoners auto hauling division though, I remember way back when I caught an enclosed setup similar to the Argosy style enclosed haulers but this was a normal trailer with side curtains. Guess I'll never see that again.

Edit: Found a super crappy shot of it, I was sitting in rush hour traffic at the time so there was no good opportunity:
Anything Trucking Related / Re: Early Quebec LCV's?
« Last post by R. Buron on Today at 08:42:50 AM »
The other corridor was from Quebec City to the Gaspesie Peninsula alongside the St-Laurent river south-shore. My mind is
vague but I think some small regional carriers including Transport Matane-Gaspésie, Transport Théberge and Japiro Expediteur
was some of them. However, I'm sure Transport Robert was not part of the lcv operations in those days.

CARRIER SPOTLIGHT / Re: Western Express - Nashville, TN
« Last post by mooby346 on Today at 08:40:57 AM »
Great finds guys, I didn't know Western Express had any Macks, never seen one before. That new IH looks nice too when you paint the wheels and the bumper cover/side fairings to match.
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