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Anything Trucking Related / Re: It never gets old!
« Last post by 4LeggedBucket on Today at 01:46:42 PM »
 Lol it would get pretty cozy pretty fast in there..I don't think ide be that brave
General FORUM Announcements / Re: Going For It
« Last post by The Fugitive on Today at 01:37:11 PM »
The best of luck and think positive.      Bob.
International / Re: Tackaberry Lone Star
« Last post by dockmen027 on Today at 01:33:09 PM »
Anybody see a DEF tank anywhere??
General FORUM Announcements / Re: Happy Birthday Ray F
« Last post by The Fugitive on Today at 01:16:32 PM »
Hope you have a great day Ray all the best.       Bob.
Anything Trucking Related / Re: Goodbye Argosy(?)
« Last post by Paystar on Today at 01:14:52 PM »
What's strange about that is that was the reason my FL salesman told me they originally discontinued.....that they couldn't package the emissions equipment and provide adequate cooling. I always knew that was a load of bull.
Anything Trucking Related / Re: It never gets old!
« Last post by Paystar on Today at 01:12:20 PM »
Was in an old greyhound bus too that they were using as a camper, so you had to crawl right into that hole in the back. Not where I'd want to be if it came apart, LOL.
I've only had a Detroit run backwards on me, but it shut off ok.
Truck Pictures / Re: on the road
« Last post by JJG on Today at 12:19:19 PM »
Great variety again Rob, nothing like finding 2 Peterbilt 362E models in one sitting, love all the old classics on the road and in the field! The FLC 120 in your previous post, would those just be winter wheels on it, seems odd to have steelies with a high bunk. Cool truck never the less.

Truck Driving Stories / Re: My Worse Trip Ever
« Last post by JJG on Today at 12:12:01 PM »
The joys of the good old days Rob, we all talk about them and they were good but having means of getting cash is a big plus in modern day living!! My problem back then was even if there was a bank machine, I didn't have $20.00 to pull out of it..........yeah, the good old days!

Truck Driving Stories / Re: My Worse Trip Ever
« Last post by RobG on Today at 11:47:07 AM »
I thought I would tell you about another trip I made that I hope you will enjoy.This trip happened when I first started driving ,either the fall of 1987 or spring of 1988.At the time I was working for T and T Trucking and still working in the shop and taking any spare trips I could.This particular day they asked me if I would take one of the old Kenworths and head up to St Paul and Bonnyville.They were both about two hours from Edmonton so after working in the shop all day I head up to St Paul for the night.The fun started the next morning.I shut the truck off while unloading then when I go to restart it there was nothing.So a call to dispatch they tell me to get a tow truck to pull start me .Another problem was I lost my air in the old truck so I needed a tire truck to air me up.I was told to call the office for a VISA card number to pay for this.All I had in my pockets was twenty dollars.So when the tire truck shows up he airs me up and wants ten dollars so I just pay him.Then the tow truck shows up and pull starts me.Well he also wants ten dollars so I think about it for a minute ,all I have to do after this is go to Bonnyville then home so I give him my last ten dollars.Lets stop and think about that ,$10 for a pull start from a tow truck!!,nowadays I don't think they answer the phone for $10.Anyways I am back on the road with empty pockets and on my way.I unload in Bonnyville,leave the old truck running so no problem.About half hour from Bonnyville on my way I start having more problems.The truck is smoking really bad and seeming like to be on it's last legs.Sure enough,it dies on me just by the entrance to a little town called Malliag. Unfortnately the town is a couple kms off the highway so I need a problem ,open the hood and someone stops.I get to town make a call for a tow truck but it will be a couple hours.Here I am dirty because I was working on the truck,carrying my travel bag because I couldn't lock the truck and no money.Obviously no debit back then and no bank machine in this little town.I felt like a homeless person.It was too cold to hang out outside so I went to the local restaurant and just sat by myself,couldn't even get a coffee.After a bit I decided to walk back to the truck but it was cold, surpisingly someone stops and gives me a ride.When I get back to the truck I realise this was a mistake ,it was too cold to stay there so catch a ride back to town.Ended up sitting in the local restaurant for a couple hours before the tow truck shows up,once again not able to get anything.Learned a big lesson that day about not ever leaving myself without money no matter how short of a trip.
this was the old truck I was driving,found out after the trip the shop new it was on it's last legs but didn't tell me.They were not surprised that it died.
Anything Trucking Related / Re: Goodbye Argosy(?)
« Last post by Jon_G on Today at 11:17:35 AM »
I do question whether, now that the updated Argosy can run the new DD engines, if they are just going to make it available normally. A glider is in some ways limiting, especially for fleets that need to go thru California.
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