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Truck Pictures / Re: Mooby's Randoms (Updated 2-21-19)
« Last post by partsman88 on Today at 07:45:48 PM »
I wouldn't see the point either Charlie, the way they run those things it wouldn't be a week before it was filthy again.
Schneider National / Prime Source LT
« Last post by Paul Kane on Today at 07:24:06 PM »
Taken at a Pittsburgh area Lowes, Wednesday 2/20

Truck Pictures / Re: Mooby's Randoms (Updated 2-21-19)
« Last post by charlie on Today at 07:23:57 PM »
I was shocked to see a garbage truck in line at the Blue Beacon today in Brunswick GA. :o :o Didnít think they went near them.
Truck Pictures / Re: Mooby's Randoms (Updated 2-15-19)
« Last post by partsman88 on Today at 07:11:49 PM »
Thanks Jim! Majority of the concrete trucks around here use them, but they're the only ones. Glad to have that question finally answered.

On to the next set. It's been a week of slim pickins' round here but here's a few I grabbed:

Sometimes you get lucky and the truck comes directly to you. This is the loading dock for Gabe's, a clothing store that I like to sit at the side of to catch moving trucks headed out from near my neighborhood. Typically Gabe's gets one overnight delivery that I know of, so seeing this was a rare catch:

Fairfax County Solid Waste doesn't have money for new trucks, so they decided to rebuild this old LEU613 with a new body and a fresh paintjob. The old paintjob is the grey that you see on the Volvo in the background. It hasn't been 6 months with this new paintjob and the trash juice is already staining the front though.

I will forever love 53' cans for some reason and I liked the paint on this T660 for XPO Logistics Drayage out of Charlotte:

Totally guessing on this but I'd say this is a Pete 330 for YRC Freight:

And we round out the set with a FL M2-112 vacuum truck for Atlantic Heating & Cooling out of VA Beach. They do a ton of work up here so it's not hard to find them laid over at various hotels around here.

Truck Pictures / Re: At The Crossroad 2018
« Last post by L.Dugas on Today at 06:54:56 PM »

Unknown Binders

Bill Harris Transport

AW Leil

Clark's Trucking

Home Hardware

Chebogue Fisheries

Dexter Construction

Blue Water Group

Lobster Alive

Sunbury Transport

Added Touch Towing

Unknown Pete out of Quebec

Shoreline Transport


Truck Pictures / Re: At The Crossroad 2018
« Last post by L.Dugas on Today at 06:32:47 PM »
Capital Seafoods

Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure

Tandem Peterbilt

Louco Contracting

EFR Disposal

VJ Rice

Aberdeen Paving

B. Reynolds Trucking


Stewart's Transfer


Riverside Lobster

Binder hauling for L.J. Robichaud & Son Fisheries

EFR Disposal coming off the crossroad

Aliments Breton

B. Reynolds Trucking

Wheelans Transport
A Shot a Day 2019 / Re: February 2019
« Last post by wbache on Today at 06:12:15 PM »

2-21-19 DiGiorno Pizza & Airgas on I 605 N----This was the  only shot I got today--one of the mall gardeners asked me to move my car as he was using a blower to clean up the area
Working Class by Jim Hurley / Re: Fire Trucks - add your pics
« Last post by GA_Dave on Today at 05:58:54 PM »
Engine 4, Atlantic Beach, NC
2012 KME Predator SS

Working Class by Jim Hurley / Re: Fire Trucks - add your pics
« Last post by GA_Dave on Today at 05:57:56 PM »
Rescue 3, Atlantic Beach, NC
2008 Mack MR/Hackney

Virtual Trucking / Re: 1truckingenthusiast's Adventures
« Last post by 1truckingenthuiast on Today at 10:35:53 AM »
Casa Grande, AZ to Alamogordo, NM

Stopped at the TA in Casa Grande, AZ for my 10 hr rest after being loaded in Fresno, CA.

Rested, did my inspection of my equipment, left Casa Grande, AZ i stopped in Deming, NM for maintenance and tires on my truck and trailer. Here on this photo, I stopped in Las Cruces, NM for my 30 minute break.

Almost to Alamogordo, NM

In Alamogordo, NM delivering rice to a grocery store. After delivering, I stopped at a truckstop in town for my 10 hr rest. 

Art S.
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