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parked at the California Dairies processing plant in Artesia CA----8-28-17
LESS THAN TRUCKLOAD / Re: NEMF Camp Hill Bankruptcy Auction
« Last post by Greg_E on Today at 09:27:26 AM »
There was an older tough Mack CH613 I really wish I could have won!

Charlie, some Peterbilt 579s and KW T-680s are either at the Lehighton auction which is today or at the Elizabeth auction. I will cherish the photos I have of those tractors from when they were in service.
Peterbilttrucker There and Back / Re: Scarlett II: Trucker Rides Again
« Last post by charlie on Today at 05:15:11 AM »
The transfer dump is cool. 8) Is that setup something new out west? ??? Don't recall seeing that many axles before. :o
Nice Series, Gerard
Truck Pictures / Re: RANDOM SHOTS FROM BC
« Last post by JJG on Today at 01:12:41 AM »
We took a trip to Penticton this past weekend to kick off the summer of 2019, there is a cool car show we check out, Peach City Car Cruise and there are some trucks on display, here is the first of that batch
a nice solid B series Mack flat deck

this cool IH R220 V-Liner was there last year, originally from Hagersville Ontario now owned  a BC guy

this sharp old Hayes pulls a trailer which the IH 220 rides on

mid 70's IH Transtar II was there last year too, pretty tight old truck

this slab cab Transtar II is a first for me, never seen it before, powered by a Detroit 6V92, looking pretty cool. The name Thomas Ranches from Okanagan Falls BC appears on the door

one could test drive a HAWG by the looks of things here and I would think the demo bikes were brought in on this 379

hooked into this Great Dane drop frame trailer

a tricked out S-Series IH 4900 pickup with a 67 Camaro BBQ on the deck from WA State

A night shot of a 1956 IH pickup with the Okanagon  Lake in the background

More to come soon!

Peterbilt / Re: Stagecaoch Express
« Last post by JJG on Yesterday at 11:41:17 PM »
Very nice indeed!!

CARRIER SPOTLIGHT / Re: Active Transport-Grant Haulage Combined
« Last post by JJG on Yesterday at 10:56:34 PM »
That looks great Rob, quite the bunk on this one, do you think it is a Company truck? If so, pretty sharp unit!

« Last post by JJG on Yesterday at 10:54:42 PM »
Awesome collection you have got here Rob, some I do remember while others are new to me, I will have to check in from time to time!!

Working Class by Jim Hurley / Re: Fire Trucks - add your pics
« Last post by JJG on Yesterday at 10:51:06 PM »
Wow, that T800 is something else and of course the FLD120 is a beauty too!! I agree, Danbury has some unique equipment!

Peterbilt / Re: Vanderveen Hay Sales
« Last post by JJG on Yesterday at 10:45:58 PM »
Ah, ya been holdin' out on us Rob!! Great shots, looks like you really scored with all the trucks coming out of the barn, and is that #28.....the short nosed Peterbilt?? I have not seen that one around yet!

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