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Post by: JJG on April 26, 2019, 10:49:26 PM
Super Save is a fleet that supplies trucks and equipment to the disposal industry, not limited to in any way, also fuel, propane (serving their own brand stations) and they provide temporary fencing for what ever reason you need them for along with................yeah, porta potties, yuk! They maintain a rather impeccable fleet with a nice recognizable colour combo!

I have caught many of these over the years and as I find them back, I will add them n! Anyone have one to add, feel free to post them in here!

This is from today, a Peterbilt 567 day cab with B-train fuel tanker supplying a station in South Langley
same set up, close up of

from years ago, 2012 in Mission, this retired FLD112 might have been a roll off bin unit
back side of a Mack MR front load packer doing rounds in 2013
also from 2013, first time I caught the M2 Freightliner rear load compactor, it was something new at the time. I think they just have some private pickup round, never seen them doing city or town curbside pickup.
sharp 378 bob tailing not far from the main yard, maybe he is going to the propane loading area. I have not seen this truck in some time.
same year, this KW T300 propane tanker filling where the other one was likely headed for
this brand new Peterbilt (at the time) 367 tri-drive tanker snuck up on me, just got a piece of him, very impressive unit
had to get a 2nd shot, couldn't wait for the car to pass by so best I could get, see it once in awhile but just never get a good shooting op
this was the first time spotting a fuel tanker for them hooked into a Peterbilt 377 day cab, nice catch by the wifey while I was airing up a tire at Super Save
from 2014, I finally got this FLD112 looks like he is set up for WA with that extra lift axle and a quad axle BBQ bottle ::)

Post by: Rob Archer on April 27, 2019, 03:30:11 AM
That has become rare in southern Ontario - a fuel supplier advertising with cororate logos.
And, a paint scheme too!
Good posting Jim.  8)
Post by: R. Buron on April 27, 2019, 06:54:40 AM
Very interesting sharp fleet.
Post by: JJG on April 27, 2019, 09:15:02 PM
2014 was the first time catching this VN series Volvo, clearly it is not a new tuck then, delivering fuel to Fernridge (Langley South) station
back to current times, from today where I caught this Freightliner M2 sweeper truck, another division
Late 2014, this Cascadia short nose made it's debut for me, was very new then filling the Brookswood (Langley) station
2015 was the first sighting of this 389 day cab for the propane division, can't remember if I have a better picture of him outside the fence, I hope so!
well, I did get a better shot, same place, open gate! I think it replaced the FLD 120 posted earlier.
don't see them in all white tractors but caught this one in Princeton with a cool propane B -train

Post by: charlie on April 28, 2019, 04:58:37 AM
IMO one of the sharpest Canadian outfits around. 8) I just love the paint scheme. :)
Post by: JJG on April 28, 2019, 05:48:08 PM
Not sure how many of these they have but I think it is a different one seeing as how clean it is, an M2 garbage truck from earlier this year
a Peterbilt 567 with a sleeper pulling the B-train fuel tankers filling the Fernridge station earlier this year
from December last year, a 567 SBFA and a 340 propane tanker filling the Brookswood station
Here we have the 567 Sleeper with a different set of B-trains, filling Brookswood, a cleaner shot, what they usually look like
on a September rainy day, the 567 SBA hooked into a tridem tank, filling Fernridge
from summer 2018, this Cascadia is loading up fuel from Burnaby mountain Tank Farm
from Jan 2018, 1st gen Volvo VN  series filling Propane at the Brookswood station
here is the 567 with bunk and a tridem tanker filling Brookswood
from Bowswer, a small town on the Island north of Campbell River towards Pt. Hardy, this baby KW propane tanker made an appearance