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Title: Spotting near Boston
Post by: partsman88 on August 12, 2018, 11:56:47 AM
So I'm going up to Boston mid-September for a few days, at least one of those days I'd like to go find an action spot on one of the main highways in or around Boston. Was thinking of going north and hitting I-95 to catch some of that northern freight traffic, but I'm open to ideas as Google Maps doesn't really show any highway with a lot of freight traffic on street view. Anybody with some experience up there got any suggestions?
Title: Re: Spotting near Boston
Post by: charlie on August 12, 2018, 05:50:27 PM
Just my point of view but I'd avoid 95 like the plague. I'd suggest one of the service plazas on the Mass Pike (I-90) near to Boston (I believe there are 2 on each side). Try taking I-84 (via the Tappan Zee Bridge I-287 & I-684) through CT & hopping on the Mass Pike around Sturbridge.........usually a much better ride & you'll catch east-west traffic including pikers, doubles & lotsa Canadian trucks too. Give me some time to check out my spots along this route & i'll get back to you with more info.
Title: Re: Spotting near Boston
Post by: partsman88 on August 13, 2018, 04:47:08 PM
Awesome, thanks for the recommendations Charlie. FYI, I'm flying up to Boston (because $100 roundtrip plus 8k points on Southwest is super cheap) so anywhere I go Boston will be where I'm driving out of. And I'm flying up on a Sat. night and flying back on a Tuesday night, so Monday will probably be my best opportunity to take a day trip out of Boston to go spotting somewhere. The where is the question. Turnpike doubles, pikers, and Canadian rigs sound ideal so if I-90 is the spot that's what I'll plan for.
Title: Re: Spotting near Boston
Post by: charlie on August 13, 2018, 05:41:45 PM
Ok so you're flying into Boston........smart boy. :) :D I don't recall any good spots for truck fanning along I-95 or locally around Boston but maybe someone more familiar with the area can chime in with some truck stops or rest areas I'm not aware of.

 I'd still suggest taking a ride out on the Mass Pike (I-90) from Boston to Sturbridge for the best bang for your buck............about 60 miles & a small toll but there's 4 or 5 service plazas on the round trip plus a couple of truck stops just off the Sturbridge exit on I-84. I always look forward to catching pikers & Canadian rigs when I'm up in this area.........good luck & good hunting. ;D

Oh and don't forget to stop at a D'Angelos Grill at one of the plazas for a really good lobster roll. :)
Title: Re: Spotting near Boston
Post by: The Fugitive on August 14, 2018, 12:04:01 PM
What about near the Fish Market area where there is a chance to catch some Canadian,s down from Nova Scotia, or in the same location there is a Container Port with plenty Can Hauliers. In the Revere District there is a Big Candy Factory with trucks in and out all day.
Happy hunting hope you have a good trip.     Bob.
Title: Re: Spotting near Boston
Post by: partsman88 on September 02, 2018, 10:19:58 AM
Thanks for the ideas Bob and Charlie. I was down at the Fish Market last time I went a couple years ago, that's a great spot for can traffic. And after doing some research it looks like the best spots will be those service plazas on the pike Charlie, so thanks for that rec. Should be a good time.