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Title: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: peterbilttrucker on December 16, 2017, 03:01:17 PM
Well, I'm officially working for the new boss. I had a little time off at the beginning of the week to relax and get chores caught up around the house. Tuesday, I had a two hour orientation at Tramcor, had to go through that just because we're currently leased to Tramcor. They taught me how to do their paperwork, showed me around the shop and office, and I had a presentation about e-logs. Wednesday, I went with my friend that talked me into working at Fife to start my training...I just wanted a little practice as a refresher course on flatbedding. We delivered a load he brought from Nebraska in Pocatello, Idaho. Thursday morning, we loaded a couple bundles of steel in Ogden and headed back to Pocatello to unload and then reload. Our load up there was welded steel pieces of various shapes and sizes, the load was eleven feet wide. Yesterday, we unloaded that load at two drops in Ogden and came back to the yard to get my truck. I grabbed a couple bundles of dunnage in Clearfield and went to Tooele to unload that and load some cement canisters going to Roundup, Montana. My friend was also out there loading the same thing, so we'll run together, leaving tomorrow. I got to drive the entire time I trained in his very nice, new W900L. I'm slowly making friends with the International, but it sure needs some work. I'm hoping for some time off next week when we get back from Montana so I can get everything sorted out and organized in the truck and compile a list of what needs fixed. The boss keeps telling me he'll get everything fixed and he'll make sure I'm happy with the truck. So far, he's had the frame repainted, replaced the bumper, new mudflaps and mudflap hangers, and got new saddle boxes. The interior has also been detailed, but there's a lot of junk from the previous driver in it. It seems pretty sound mechanically and should pass an inspection, but there are so many little things broken in the cab and sleeper that need addressed...poor thing had someone in it that really didn't care. It's a 2003 9900i Eagle, it has a 600 ISX Cummins, eighteen speed, and 3.42s. He has a new mattress and more lugnut covers and hubcaps on the way. I have to tint one of the sleeper windows that had been replaced with clear glass, I will be dressing up the dash with chrome, getting a new shift knob, a red rug for the floor in the sleeper, and possibly get red lights under the dash. On the outside, I think I'll add some lights to the headache rack, get some mudflap weights, air cleaner lights, lights on the bumper, and possibly mount my swan hood ornament. I'm told I will have a set of stainless half fenders and he'll have the aluminum all polished in the spring. It's very nice to work for someone that wants to invest in his equipment for a driver that will take care of it. The flatbed work is really not my favorite thing and the trailer I'm pulling needs new boxes in a bad way (they're both held shut with a strap). I'm told he would be willing to replace them, but I may try to hold out on that until we figure out if he can get a reefer for me to pull for Eliason. Give me until spring, I think it'll be a pretty nice truck with the help of the boss! Everything seems pretty laid back so far, I think I'll enjoy working here as long as I get used to flatbedding again, haha.
Here's the load that's on me to go to Montana.
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/VzjEQENVLNNO5z/14539911.1/400/p/25351986_1883572295004078_8529775957477549319_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/VzjEQENVLNNO5z/albums/Album-2017-12-03-1254/photo?view=14539911#14539911)
The bugshield and grill screen are both broken, but new ones are on the way...he also mentioned seven inch diameter, taller exhaust tips, but I'm not too concerned either way on that. I do need to see if I can get a new mirror for the passenger side though...it doesn't have a light in it.
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/MM31Q5TMV5LgM3/14539910.1/400/p/25394774_1882966135064694_4668707988099766116_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/MM31Q5TMV5LgM3/albums/Album-2017-12-03-1254/photo?view=14539910#14539910)

Also, I am REALLY not a fan of e-logs. Holy crap, they're terrible.
Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: partsman88 on December 16, 2017, 04:26:51 PM
Well damn, that doesn't seem so bad now. I was thinking you were gonna get a Prostar, but you can do a lot worse than a 9900i. And it looks alright to start, and it sounds like your new boss is gonna help you get it fixed up to where you like it.

And give the e-logs some time, I'm sure it's frustrating coming from paper but eventually you'll probably reach the sweet spot with it.
Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: Jon_G on December 16, 2017, 09:28:23 PM

Congrats on the new gig, nice looking truck, and agree that it is nice to hear a boss so willing to go the extra mile for drivers that do the same for the company. Always liked the looks of the 9000-series Internationals in general, and the 9900 is especially sharp. The new Internationals don't really do much for me. When spec'd right (chrome bumper, side stacks, smaller fairings), the Prostar/LT look nice, but I'm not normally a fan. I do like the Lonestar though. Wish IH would bring their sharp new New Zealand-built cabover here just to humor me ;D ;D

As for e-logs, and I'm asking as I'm not in the industry and have heard a lot of drivers being unhappy about them, what is the reason? Are they just more complicated/involved than the paper logs?

Anyway, good luck with everything, keep posting your awesome updates!

Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: peterbilttrucker on December 26, 2017, 06:02:08 AM
Thanks guys. The e-logs are just very complicated for me and it appears to have a mind of it's own at times. I'm getting in the habit of telling it what I want logged every time I stop and when I look at the graph at the end of the day, it has logged it differently, which requires me to edit it. Overall, it takes more time out of my day playing with this slow computer when I could write up a log page on paper in under a minute. Not to mention how frustrating it is to have NO flexibility. For example, I loaded sheetrock in Las Vegas last week...it took so long to get loaded and tarped that my fourteen was up and I had to sleep right at the shipper. It would have been unsafe for me to drive eight miles back to the truckstop to get a shower and a hot meal, according to the computer that knows when I'm tired.

Fife has eight trucks...the one W900L my buddy drives, my 9900i, two 9900ixs, one old 9300, and three Prostars. If he was hiring me to put me in a Prostar, I wouldn't have taken the job, haha. He's looking at buying a Lonestar this winter to replace one Prostar and I think he's selling the 9300 soon.

After unloading the canisters in Roundup, Montana Monday, I bounced over to Moore, Montana to load no-tarp lumber coming back to Smithfield, Utah. That night, I made it back to Belgrade, Montana to meet up with my buddy again (he got a different reload). I made it into the truckstop with less than five minutes to spare on my e-log, so I could've fallen asleep at any minute...pretty scary stuff! I unloaded Tuesday and had some time to work on the truck afterwards. Wednesday morning, I hooked up one of Tramcor's trains to load pallets going to Amargosa Valley, Nevada. I unloaded those Thursday and came back to Vegas to load that sheetrock. Took all day to get loaded, but I was just happy that my boss told Tramcor that we WILL NOT be loading both trailers if tarps are required. I got up early Friday and headed back to Ogden to unload, went back to the yard to drop the train, and went home for my three day weekend. I told him this week I plan to order a bunch of interior chrome and he said he'd pay for it! I also got paid for my training and I was very well compensated...I'd say I'll enjoy working for Fife, I just hope I get used to flatbedding again, haha. No clue where I'll be headed this week,but I'll find out soon.
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/ZNxjNNVEGOhjjD/14559524.1/400/p/25487330_1888466714514636_1271693591012754650_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/ZNxjNNVEGOhjjD/albums/Album-2017-12-26-434/photo?view=14559524#14559524)
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/jMk4cQNjDm0QYN/14559525.1/400/p/25542495_1890422537652387_1553738645492256691_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/jMk4cQNjDm0QYN/albums/Album-2017-12-26-434/photo?view=14559525#14559525)
Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: Hanky on December 26, 2017, 10:17:31 AM
How do you like your new truck drive well and how is it for comfort?  I know of a couple guys that like theirs but I do not know if they sat in any thing else for years.
Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: peterbilttrucker on December 31, 2017, 09:58:43 PM
The truck is pretty nice! I am loving having the big standup sleeper and it's comfortable to drive too, once I got used to the wide cab. More storage than I'll ever need and it has a fridge...soon to have a microwave too. It's got good power, pretty comparable to the Peterbilt I just got out of, but gets better fuel mileage and has WAY more fuel capacity. I can go twelve hundred miles without fueling. It rides smooth and is pretty quiet. I still miss the Pete, but I think I'll really like this truck once it's all fixed up and polished.

Last week, I took a load of mine bolts to Carlsbad, New Mexico, deadheaded to El Paso, Texas to load rebar for Denver, Colorado, and reloaded tarped steel coming home. Got home on Saturday. Pretty uneventful trip other than a blown tire just outside Carlsbad and having to wait in El Paso about eight hours to load. Not sure where I'm going next week, but I kinda hope I can just take it easy and get some work done on the truck.
Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: peterbilttrucker on January 07, 2018, 12:15:56 PM
Nope, can't take any time off to get work done on the truck, haha. After unloading my steel Tuesday, I went and reloaded palletized salt going to Spokane, Washington. I delivered that Wednesday and reloaded lumber in Oroville, right up by the Canadian border, Thursday. Got home too late to unload the lumber Friday, so I get to kick that off tomorrow morning. Both loads had to be tarped, so I got plenty of exercise (and a cold). Pretty uneventful trip though and I stopped in town when I got back Friday to have the truck washed and buy a bunch of chrome. Supposedly the boss took my truck yesterday to get new tires and a few things fixed. I can't remember if I've mentioned on here, but we're in the process of taking three of his eight trucks away from Tramcor and setting up a new company (I'm one of the three). I guess the company has been set up now, so as soon as I get my new Qualcomm installed (Tramcor's is in my truck currently), I'll be able to do some different things. For example, we've talked about renting a reefer from Eliason, which I would really like doing again. I got my first real paycheck Friday as well and I will say that even though I'm on mileage pay and not getting a whole lot of miles, I am being compensated pretty well, which is good, because flatbedding is a lot of work for a fat kid! Excited to see what the future holds! Still a big surprise in the spring I can't talk about yet, haha.

Here's my load of salt tarped.
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/QTiIDMMITThyTi/14586541.1/400/p/26171781_1902343616460279_5612992774586100827_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/QTiIDMMITThyTi/albums/Album-2018-01-07-1042/photo?view=14586541#14586541)
Here's my load of lumber before tarps. I've rarely seen such a square load of lumber. However, it was over gross, so they had to take a bundle off, so it's no longer square. I didn't get a picture after tarps, but I probably will take one before I unload.
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/TEOjD5TINjcMx2/14586542.1/400/p/26232539_1904838809544093_4092808840766821138_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/TEOjD5TINjcMx2/albums/Album-2018-01-07-1042/photo?view=14586542#14586542)
Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: Hanky on January 07, 2018, 12:55:53 PM
Wish I knew you were in Oroville that 1 hr from me a lot of our log here go to Gormans in Westbank.
Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: Jimmy B on January 07, 2018, 04:52:58 PM
Good Luck.

Jimmy B
Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: peterbilttrucker on January 14, 2018, 01:25:41 PM
Good Luck.

Jimmy B

Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: peterbilttrucker on January 14, 2018, 01:27:29 PM
Wish I knew you were in Oroville that 1 hr from me a lot of our log here go to Gormans in Westbank.

Had no idea I was so close to you. I was in and out pretty quick that time though. There was a lot of Gorman lumber being shipped out of there!
Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: peterbilttrucker on January 14, 2018, 01:46:44 PM
Last week was pretty laid back, which I was thankful for because I still have a cold, haha. I unloaded that lumber Monday morning and then just brought the truck back to the yard to get a short service and some lights fixed on the trailer. Tuesday was an exhausting day, but it felt good. I hauled two loads of steel from the Nucor mill in Plymouth to Nucor Building Systems in Brigham City. It rained all day, so both loads had to be tarped, but I found some tattered old steel tarps at the yard, so I didn't need to lug the six-foot drops around. I was lucky enough to land some gravy duty for awhile though, which is why I didn't complain about the local steel. Did two loads last week of big 12x8x10 precast box culvert to Moab. It's overweight (which I'm permitted for) as each piece weighs 52,000 pounds. Had to go on one of Tramcor's stepdecks, but it sure is easy! Throw six straps and go, about five hundred miles round trip. My buddy Nick also got in on this haul, so we ran together and we're supposed to do four loads each down there this week as long as production can keep up. Tomorrow is a short day since we can't deliver until Tuesday, so we'll go get a truck wash in Salt Lake after we load. The truck still isn't perfect, but every weekend, either I take the truck home and work on it or the boss has his mechanic work on it, so progress is being made. Lots of parts on order from International right now, I really like working for this guy!

Here's the load of lumber from Washington tarped.
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/uMWMETMNMM05M0/14600172.1/400/p/26233546_1908270949200879_3832766558645546249_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/uMWMETMNMM05M0/albums/Album-2018-01-07-1042/photo?view=14600172#14600172)
Here's the heavy culvert.
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/MUDLEDxMlxYDUM/14600171.1/400/p/26233585_1911724362188871_7365784741889658191_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/MUDLEDxMlxYDUM/albums/Album-2018-01-07-1042/photo?view=14600171#14600171)
This was last weekend after a good wash and ten new tires. He put brand new wheels on the steer axle too! This weekend I mounted my bumper guides, mudflap weights, and a microwave in the sleeper.
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/IUUNIN4YMUNUMW/14600170.1/400/p/26756346_1908270162534291_5082751744574309817_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/IUUNIN4YMUNUMW/albums/Album-2018-01-07-1042/photo?view=14600170#14600170)
Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: werkhorse on January 14, 2018, 07:05:42 PM
Your definitely getting the hang of tarping  ;) not something everyone can (or want to) do ;)
Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: partsman88 on January 14, 2018, 07:31:23 PM
Glad to hear they are being true to their word of bringing the truck up to your standards.
Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: peterbilttrucker on January 20, 2018, 03:30:47 PM
Yeah, he's making progress on my truck for sure. He brought me a bunch of parts to drop off with the truck at our mechanic's house yesterday. He also has been really happy with how clean I'm keeping the truck inside, so he continues telling me more things we can get for the truck, haha. After another paycheck, I really am pretty sure I made a good choice...this guy appreciates his drivers.

Here she is after another bath and some acid love on the aluminum. Yes, my lugnut covers for the steers are still on order, along with the rest of my interior chrome. I just need some stainless diamonds cut out for my mudflaps, a set of half fenders, and the lights I'd mentioned earlier and I think I'm pretty much done dressing up this truck. It's amazing how much I like this truck...I thought I'd be really hung up on the Peterbilt, but this truck is much more comfortable. The looks have grown on me and having a boss that wants to help me make it like new inside and out makes all the difference. Can't wait to see it in the spring after all the aluminum gets polished!
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/U3D5MxYjT1U5VV/14614778.1/400/p/26685380_1916598105034830_611897004534221553_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/U3D5MxYjT1U5VV/albums/Album-2018-01-07-1042/photo?view=14614778#14614778)

Here's Nick under the crane, unloading his culvert in Moab.
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/YhjwVkQMNVDMQT/14614779.1/400/p/26758294_1917452874949353_8615657844927525208_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/YhjwVkQMNVDMQT/albums/Album-2018-01-07-1042/photo?view=14614779#14614779)

We only got to do three more of the box culvert loads to Moab, production couldn't make them fast enough to keep hauling. That kept me busy until Thursday though and I got an easy local load yesterday. Loaded steel grates in Brigham City going to a galvanizer in Lindon. Now I'm empty and off until Monday, about as easy as it gets.
Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: Wreckerman on January 21, 2018, 09:26:31 PM
The 9900 keeps looking better and better! 8)
I know what you mean on comfort, all our heavy wreckers have been Petes, but we're in the process of building a wrecker with a 2004 9900, and I was suprised how extremely comfortable the truck was.
Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: peterbilttrucker on January 28, 2018, 04:49:05 PM
Thank you! I never gave Internationals the credit they deserve. It's still just not really my style, but it will do until the next truck.

Last week was pretty easy I guess. Monday morning I loaded rebar on my trailer going to Denver and then we found out it couldn't deliver until Friday. I took it back to the yard and dropped it, went and hooked a pre-loaded trailer of window wells going to Billings, Montana, and got headed north. After delivering that Tuesday, I loaded sheetrock in Cody, Wyoming coming home...it had to be tarped, but I was the last load of the day, so I did it inside out of the cold and they had a good country station on the radio. Thursday morning I was back under my rebar headed east. I delivered that Friday morning and reloaded some aluminum channel of various sizes headed for home. I had to go up to North Platte, Nebraska though, to pick up one of our drivers that lost a motor there. I went out and got him so he could grab a spare truck to repower his load. We teamed it home and I was home before sunrise Saturday morning. No clue where I'll go after I unload tomorrow morning.

(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/33wTgNEN2N2cTY/14632512.1/400/p/27021378_1924684737559500_4545905950380385829_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/33wTgNEN2N2cTY/albums/Album-2018-01-28-1529/photo?view=14632512#14632512)
Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: peterbilttrucker on February 04, 2018, 05:54:03 PM
Got a pretty good round in this week. After I unloaded the aluminum stuff, I came home and loaded a Nucor Building Systems load to leave Tuesday morning for Monahans, Texas! I unloaded that Thursday and reloaded coated spool pipe in Odessa going to Platteville, Colorado. I was able to deliver that early enough Friday to bounce up to Cheyenne, Wyoming and get sixty foot steel square tubing coming home. I got some miles in, but I had to really work on loading the last two loads, haha. It's okay, because I found out I'm starting up the box culvert haul to Moab again tomorrow and I should get four loads down there this week. I really enjoy running Texas, even got to stop at the Big Texan Steakhouse in Amarillo again.

Here's the aluminum I brought home from Denver.
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/WNEEcOMANAwdTT/14650330.1/400/p/27356478_1932121050149202_5755245418449550992_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/WNEEcOMANAwdTT/albums/Album-2018-01-28-1529/photo?view=14650330#14650330)

Here's the Building Systems load. Easy load, it was light, about fourteen feet tall though. My lugnut covers and interior chrome came in, so I was feeling pretty good about the truck all week.
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/ThMNMEMziyOYjT/14650329.1/400/p/27355942_1932350183459622_6725105525834216857_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/ThMNMEMziyOYjT/albums/Album-2018-01-28-1529/photo?view=14650329#14650329)

This is the spool pipe. All different shapes and sizes, scattered all over the trailer. I ran out of winches trying to tie it down, haha. They were slippery too, but it all made it to the customer.
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/MxQFzQkTMMDjVT/14650334.1/400/p/27368374_1936962119665095_8024615663707445792_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/MxQFzQkTMMDjVT/albums/Album-2018-01-28-1529/photo?view=14650334#14650334)

Here's the sixty foot steel. Tarped and flagged. They wrap the steel in plastic to protect the ends that hang off the trailer. I've got the fifth wheel all the way back and can only get about three feet off the front (I got it about seventeen inches from the headache rack), so there's nine feet off the back. Been a long time since I've hauled long stuff like that!
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/Z2WW5532uu5jMy/14650332.1/400/p/27501140_1937792746248699_1154291194542622403_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/Z2WW5532uu5jMy/albums/Album-2018-01-28-1529/photo?view=14650332#14650332)

One of my friends caught me in Wyoming. Truck got dirty in some snow in eastern Wyoming. Not real proud of the bunched up tarp and crooked oversize sign, haha.
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/jMkDk0yMchDOzD/14650331.1/400/p/27747914_1938734732821167_2159903488050936296_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/jMkDk0yMchDOzD/albums/Album-2018-01-28-1529/photo?view=14650331#14650331)

Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: peterbilttrucker on February 10, 2018, 11:10:23 AM
Pretty easy week! I ended up only getting three box culvert loads before they ran out again, so I had to do something else Thursday. Got a load of mine bolts for a gold mine in Golconda, Nevada. Paid round trip, so I bounced back empty yesterday and used the pressure washer at the Tramcor yard. Steamed off the whole truck and trailer and wiped down the dash and swept the floors. The boss was coming to fix some lights today, so I had to have the truck looking decent! Getting a full service over the weekend and leaving for Denver Monday. Getting my first loads we booked ourselves, outside Tramcor...loading drill pipe in Colorado for Farmington, New Mexico and there's a load down there coming right home.
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/4j0cTMg0hMjUO3/14667895.1/400/p/27750739_1943212205706753_1110290546076085216_n.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/4j0cTMg0hMjUO3/albums/Album-2018-02-10-948/photo?view=14667895#14667895)
Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: Jon_G on February 11, 2018, 04:10:13 PM

Glad to hear things are going well for you Ryan, trucks looking nice.

Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: peterbilttrucker on February 18, 2018, 08:31:00 PM
Thanks Jon!

This week was pretty decent too. I hauled a load of particle board to a jobsite in Denver, went and got the pipe in Platteville, and the reload in Farmington canceled. So after unloading the pipe, I bounced down to Albuquerque and loaded sheetrock for home. I was able to unload that Thursday afternoon and Friday morning I was up to Nucor in Plymouth first thing to load a load of grape stakes for one of our drivers, I dropped his trailer at the yard and grabbed a tridem flat to load a heavy load of mine bolts and mats for the Skyline coal mine in Scofield, Utah. Unfortunately, I blew a tire on Tramcor's trailer on the way down and got held up long enough to get me to the mine just in time for shift change, so it took a couple hours to unload and my fourteen hours ran up before I got home. Had to spend the night on Soldier Summit on US6 and come home early Saturday. I got back and hooked up my own trailer, hosed off the truck, and fixed a bunch of little things on the interior with some parts the boss brought me. I even got to go over Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado on US160 on the way to Farmington, real nice drive. Not sure what this coming week will be like. It's snowing a lot right now and I'm supposed to stay close to home this week for some events I have going on. We're getting closer to getting me away from Tramcor! Haha.
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/hNMTjj4MyjAYIj/14686170.1/400/p/28071213_1949051228456184_6778855928291512985_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/hNMTjj4MyjAYIj/albums/Album-2018-02-10-948/photo?view=14686170#14686170)
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/WDMMT4MNBNMMDW/14686172.1/400/p/27993753_1949207035107270_3423484661076848159_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/WDMMT4MNBNMMDW/albums/Album-2018-02-10-948/photo?view=14686172#14686172)
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/xY40YUjgYYGZMZ/14686171.1/400/p/28162289_1953510634676910_1865414344853262087_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/xY40YUjgYYGZMZ/albums/Album-2018-02-10-948/photo?view=14686171#14686171)
Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: peterbilttrucker on March 04, 2018, 07:24:56 PM
Well, been pretty laid back the last couple weeks. Two weeks ago, I got to do a couple local loads to Salt Lake on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, I left with a two-drop load of window wells for Denver. The two drops were about a block away from each other and at the second drop, I loaded a pallet going back home. Then I bounced six miles down the road for a load of brick. I delivered both loads on Friday and had the weekend off. This last week, I took a two-drop load of window wells again, one drop in Aurora, Colorado and one in Colorado Springs. Then I got to take another load of pipe down to Farmington, New Mexico and bounced to Albuquerque for sheet rock coming home. It took me all week to make the round and I unloaded Friday morning and was done for the week. Now tomorrow I'll be loading a set of doubles with precast cement blocks going up to Post Falls, Idaho. They already dispatched me a load of no-tarp lumber from Princeton, Idaho to Idaho Falls after that. Here's some pictures from the ride over Wolf Creek Pass last week.
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/YW2,Nk0MWz5NEY/14721444.1/400/p/IMG_5572.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/YW2,Nk0MWz5NEY/albums/Album-2018-02-10-948/photo?view=14721444#14721444)
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/DDNuTYuN4z0D5Z/14721449.1/400/p/IMG_5573.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/DDNuTYuN4z0D5Z/albums/Album-2018-02-10-948/photo?view=14721449#14721449)
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/NTM0TAj525NIEA/14721447.1/400/p/IMG_5574.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/NTM0TAj525NIEA/albums/Album-2018-02-10-948/photo?view=14721447#14721447)
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/cLDZ2W2YOMMNOj/14721446.1/400/p/IMG_5575.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/cLDZ2W2YOMMNOj/albums/Album-2018-02-10-948/photo?view=14721446#14721446)
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/OyOONQQYhMYL4w/14721445.1/400/p/IMG_5576.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/OyOONQQYhMYL4w/albums/Album-2018-02-10-948/photo?view=14721445#14721445)
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/TWQDkkjTYjNkMQ/14721448.1/400/p/IMG_5577.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/TWQDkkjTYjNkMQ/albums/Album-2018-02-10-948/photo?view=14721448#14721448)
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/TEUM0TZT03NQUh/14721450.1/400/p/IMG_5578.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/TEUM0TZT03NQUh/albums/Album-2018-02-10-948/photo?view=14721450#14721450)
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/NNNNWNOQWj32Y0/14721451.1/400/p/IMG_5580.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/NNNNWNOQWj32Y0/albums/Album-2018-02-10-948/photo?view=14721451#14721451)
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/kgTjwDWYMhDOOT/14721452.1/400/p/IMG_5581.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/kgTjwDWYMhDOOT/albums/Album-2018-02-10-948/photo?view=14721452#14721452)
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Post by: peterbilttrucker on March 11, 2018, 05:22:51 PM
I did the load to Post Falls, the lumber to Idaho Falls, and then reloaded stone blocks coming home. Friday and Saturday I got a special duty that has to do with my big secret that I should be able to let out in a couple weeks. Had a rough time Monday night on the way to Post Falls. Was having issues with the lights on my trailers, and while I was playing with them on the shoulder of the road, the crown of the road had drawn all my fuel to the right tank and I sucked air from the left tank. Was able to get it running again with a little help from someone that stopped to give me a hand.
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/GIVMMzDQVMViIj/14740234.1/400/p/28700992_1973434999351140_2819259762053123102_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/GIVMMzDQVMViIj/albums/Album-2018-02-10-948/photo?view=14740234#14740234)
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/0hyzYNggQMNYTk/14740235.1/400/p/28515882_1972206822807291_2293674192872044049_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/0hyzYNggQMNYTk/albums/Album-2018-02-10-948/photo?view=14740235#14740235)
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/zDNwDL2IUAVcMc/14740232.1/400/p/28616977_1974265509268089_4876049293409337427_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/zDNwDL2IUAVcMc/albums/Album-2018-02-10-948/photo?view=14740232#14740232)
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/MU,IhUMMuMMzWM/14740233.1/400/p/28701294_1975594595801847_7899297365832226565_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/MU,IhUMMuMMzWM/albums/Album-2018-02-10-948/photo?view=14740233#14740233)
Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: peterbilttrucker on March 18, 2018, 10:58:32 AM
Last week I hauled some plate steel to Denver (tarped) and loaded pipe for that shipper we've been hauling for in Platteville, Colorado. This load was going to Lacomb, Oregon, then I bounced down to Eugene and loaded tarped lumber for home.
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/EccjTNTgOMOMNF/14775735.1/400/p/29258667_1985633038131336_5409218594405875712_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/EccjTNTgOMOMNF/albums/Album-2018-03-18-1030/photo?view=14775735#14775735)
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/zUMT3MMNLiYciJ/14775731.1/400/p/29261092_1985635364797770_5315615442956451840_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/zUMT3MMNLiYciJ/albums/Album-2018-03-18-1030/photo?view=14775731#14775731)
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/wQMzVDN4NgM5Rh/14775736.1/400/p/29314708_1985635204797786_7742989336404033536_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/wQMzVDN4NgM5Rh/albums/Album-2018-03-18-1030/photo?view=14775736#14775736)
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/LjjDy2hDQYh5hM/14775729.1/400/p/29216092_1983385265022780_6885123946069360640_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/LjjDy2hDQYh5hM/albums/Album-2018-03-18-1030/photo?view=14775729#14775729)
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/5ANMkVDMDEjLjO/14775730.1/400/p/29216253_1984497961578177_1176307193511673856_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/5ANMkVDMDEjLjO/albums/Album-2018-03-18-1030/photo?view=14775730#14775730)
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/E,M,N4TDMj5NTU/14775733.1/400/p/29257901_1985501681477805_9074405142052208640_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/E,M,N4TDMj5NTU/albums/Album-2018-03-18-1030/photo?view=14775733#14775733)
This 1952 Kenworth unloaded my pipe in Oregon.
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/YTijcDVjLOTQ3Y/14775732.1/400/p/29243794_1984494948245145_4216182537636020224_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/YTijcDVjLOTQ3Y/albums/Album-2018-03-18-1030/photo?view=14775732#14775732)
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/VOYwjGOOOFmLNw/14775734.1/400/p/29313595_1984546281573345_7463229632192446464_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/VOYwjGOOOFmLNw/albums/Album-2018-03-18-1030/photo?view=14775734#14775734)
Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: Jon_G on March 18, 2018, 12:43:22 PM

Nice photos, especially the vintage rig in the last pic! The 379 daycab in the set before this one is really cool!
Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: peterbilttrucker on April 07, 2018, 11:13:07 AM
Thanks Jon!
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Post by: peterbilttrucker on April 07, 2018, 11:39:36 AM
Been an interesting three weeks since I checked in here. I had a few "firsts"...first time pulling a conestoga, first time being on the east coast, first time I've needed a thirty four hour break out on the road, first load hauled all the way across the country (pretty much), and I crossed seven more states off my list that I've driven a truck through. I took a load of window wells to Joppa, Maryland and reloaded lumber in Covington, Pennsylvania with a drop in Montana and a drop in Spokane, Washington. Then I reloaded stone for Payson, Utah to get home. After loading the lumber, I crossed into New York and ran I-86, I took my day off in Morris, Illinois. The whole trip took ten days (including my reset) and I went around 5,700 miles. It was quite the experience for a "local" driver, haha. My boss let me take three days off when I got back to catch up on home time. Last week I took a three-dropper load of window wells to Colorado Springs and bounced down to Pueblo to load some railroad rail that I brought back to the yard for someone else to deliver so I could take a stepdeck and load some mine materials going to two mines out by Golconda, Nevada. I bounced back from there empty Thursday and have another three day weekend so the truck could get a little work done. I'm supposed to get a load to the Denver area Monday so I can go load another load of pipe...this one going to Hermiston, Oregon. Getting very close to announcing the next adventure (sometime this month). Also, it's spring time and we're almost done with the list of things on the Harvester that need fixing, so now I can focus on cosmetics and get it shined up and dressed up for summer! I got the Reo fired up yesterday and took it for a spin and got my pick-up out of storage and it's in a shop solving an overheating problem, but when I get it back, I'll be going to get my camp trailer out of storage as well. Gonna be a great year!

New York.
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/zTOTyzzDNj44TN/14833307.1/400/p/29351632_1996411130386860_5153113789662389211_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/zTOTyzzDNj44TN/albums/Album-2018-03-18-1030/photo?view=14833307#14833307)
Bumper into Scarlett in Illinois.
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/AzMMMTzTMNMM2y/14833308.1/400/p/29060196_1995438497150790_5313504972893521531_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/AzMMMTzTMNMM2y/albums/Album-2018-03-18-1030/photo?view=14833308#14833308)
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/DDYh0YELzQTh0z/14833310.1/400/p/29468636_1990461284315178_6156441418127638528_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/DDYh0YELzQTh0z/albums/Album-2018-03-18-1030/photo?view=14833310#14833310)
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/IAkzLMTDYNDNc0/14833306.1/400/p/29060783_1994037437290896_7237558255229547103_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/IAkzLMTDYNDNc0/albums/Album-2018-03-18-1030/photo?view=14833306#14833306)
My wife sent me this picture. She spotted it at the local Walmart.
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/YhwgkQg2NNNjMN/14833305.1/400/p/29793563_2008698239158149_4309507830471196672_n.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/YhwgkQg2NNNjMN/albums/Album-2018-03-18-1030/photo?view=14833305#14833305)
Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: peterbilttrucker on April 14, 2018, 10:14:13 AM
This week was fairly stressful. My truck didn't get out of the shop until around noon Tuesday, which meant a lot of changed plans. I had to take a different truck to load steel Monday in a conestoga so it would be ready to head to Colorado as soon as mine was out of the shop. We also had another truck break down and another driver had an emergency at home, so more changed plans. I hauled the steel to Pueblo, Colorado and bounced up to Denver to load cement board coming home. Got home late Wednesday night. Thursday I delivered that, took my usual trailer over to Boman and Kemp and dropped it to preload window wells, and hooked another trailer to do some local stuff Friday. I did two rounds of precast cement to a jobsite in Tremonton that was loaded in Hyde Park. First load was box culvert, second load was my first time hauling precast pipe. After unloading that, I found out my trailer had NOT been loaded and one of Tramcor's trailers got my load instead. So I dropped the local trailer in the yard, then went and got my empty trailer, dragged it back to the yard, and then hooked Tramcor's trailer and strapped down the window wells, came back to the yard, got my tarps, pipe stakes, and dunnage gathered up, and found the trailer had a bad brake can. That supposedly got fixed last night and I'm supposed to leave tomorrow to start a super tight week. I have six drops to make Monday between Cheyenne and Colorado Springs, then reload pipe in Platteville, Colorado going to Farmington, New Mexico, unload and reload going to somewhere in Nebraska, bounce back to Platteville for ANOTHER load of pipe to Farmington, then bounce to Albuquerque to load sheetrock coming home. ALL WEEK will be a mad dash to make Albuquerque early enough Friday to load the sheetrock. Boss man thinks it'll take four or five days to make the round for some reason, but I know it'll be more like seven. Starting to get tired of every load I haul having these tight schedules where I don't even dare stop to take a leak.
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/NkjWNEE55J,gIJ/14850904.1/400/p/30697614_2018029534891686_3719075678402904064_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/NkjWNEE55J,gIJ/albums/Album-2018-01-28-1529/photo?view=14850904#14850904)
Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: Paul Kane on April 14, 2018, 08:13:45 PM
Ryan, how is the wife with the new gig and longer runs?  Is it typical to have your whole week layed out this far in advance?
Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: peterbilttrucker on April 15, 2018, 11:49:32 AM
My wife is pretty glad I got away from Francis, haha. The big coast to coast run I did was kinda rough, but other than that, I really haven't been gone from home any longer than most of the reefer loads I'd pulled the last two winters at Francis, so she's handing it well. No, usually I'm flying by the seat of my pants on load planning, haha. The only reason this week is planned out is because he was supposed to have two trucks to get the two loads of pipe for Farmington, but one driver has decided he needs to be local, starting immediately, so I'm doing both.
Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: peterbilttrucker on April 29, 2018, 05:19:38 PM
Last week started with a two-drop load of window wells to Denver. Then I loaded three partials for three different drops in Salt Lake. Delivered them all Wednesday morning and got the truck serviced, then grabbed a pre-loaded trailer at the yard with cement canisters going to Roundup, Montana. I delivered those Thursday afternoon and loaded pallet stock Friday morning coming home and was able to make it on time to deliver same day. I have no idea what adventure is planned this week. Have a lot going on though, that could go a few different ways.
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/MMN44uu0MMQMM3/14900733.1/400/p/31288515_2029704857057487_2680751228467544064_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/MMN44uu0MMQMM3/albums/Album-2018-01-28-1529/photo?view=14900733#14900733)
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/TZMZhNOOMg4B,I/14900734.1/400/p/31395123_2032650393429600_1808204957015343104_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/TZMZhNOOMg4B,I/albums/Album-2018-01-28-1529/photo?view=14900734#14900734)
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/MNWWTETxlDu2Dx/14900735.1/400/p/31445166_2032031103491529_3957959122296504320_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/MNWWTETxlDu2Dx/albums/Album-2018-01-28-1529/photo?view=14900735#14900735)
Title: Re: Fife Trucking (The New Job)
Post by: peterbilttrucker on May 13, 2018, 04:37:52 PM
Two weeks ago I loaded some rafters at Nucor Building Systems right near my home that were going to Nogales, Arizona. I delivered Wednesday morning and bounced up to Chandler to load roll-up doors for storage bays with two drops back in Utah. I unloaded those Thursday and did a couple local loads Friday. Loaded a two-dropper with assorted precast cement parts in Bountiful and then went to a galvanizer  in West Jordan and loaded some beams coming back to drop at the yard for another truck to deliver.
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/MTWG44NNlNMNxM/14955417.1/400/p/31706557_2036794366348536_3314271609140805632_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/MTWG44NNlNMNxM/albums/Album-2018-01-28-1529/photo?view=14955417#14955417)
(https://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/share/zIONgFNjOD4WjM/14955416.1/400/p/31791235_2038615372833102_3949812466984157184_o.jpg) (https://www.slickpic.com/share/zIONgFNjOD4WjM/albums/Album-2018-01-28-1529/photo?view=14955416#14955416)